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Remodeling your home can be a confusing process. This page will hopefully quell some of your anxieties and answer questions regarding where to start, how to proceed, and how to care for you new natural stone counter-tops.

Step 1: Requesting a quote

  • Before you request a quote, be sure to have an idea of what material you would like to use. Natural stone comes in price groups ranging from one to six, six being the most expensive. We can quote based on price groups, therefore you do not need to have specific slabs picked out in order to request a quote.
  • Be sure to have dimensions of the cabinets or area requiring a top so we can quote accurately.
  • If you would like to request a quote, please contact our C.O.O. Dennis Burch at 502-797-5022 or email at

Step 2: Picking out your slabs

  • Bella Stone recommends looking at entire slabs rather than choosing material based on samples. Natural stone is just that, natural. No one slab looks the same, and the samples can often vary from the current slab.
  • We carry slabs of our stock material, however, if you would rather choose something different, you may go to a natural stone distributor such as Global Granite, European Granite and Marble or OHM International. (To see pictures of our 2cm stock material, please visit our Vanities by Bella page).
  • If you choose material from a distributor, simply list us as your fabricator when you put the material on hold. The distributors will send your hold forms to us, and we will order your material when we are ready to fabricate.

Step 3: Setting up a template

  • After you have confirmed the quote, we will schedule a template to measure for your counter-tops. To schedule a template, contact our Assistant Project Manager, Elizabeth Smiley at 502-363-6801.
  • If the old counter-tops are still existing, please remove anything sitting on them so we can take accurate measurements.
  • If you have any questions regarding the template, contact our Project Manager, Dennis Arnold at 502-419-7905.

Step 4: Installation

  • Before the installation, be sure to call plumbers and electricians for disconnection as needed. The installers will set the sinks and dishwashers, and drill the faucet holes on site, but we do not have the capability to uninstall or install any appliances or hook up faucets.
  • Please remove any items from cabinets below sinks.
  •  If appliances are not already installed, please wait to install them until after the counter-tops have been set. It would be beneficial to have drop-in cooktops on site so the installers can check for a proper fit into the cut out area.
  • We will contact you after the template to schedule the installation.

Step 5: Maintenance

  • Natural stone counter-tops require a 24 hour setting period. We do not recommend installing any appliances or setting anything on the counter-tops for 24 hours to let the sealer set in for an optimal finish.
  • Natural stone doesn’t require anything more than soap and water for cleaning, and all harsh chemicals such as ammonia and bleach should be avoided entirely.
  • To prevent thermal shock, refrain from setting anything extremely hot or cold directly onto the stone. The use of trivets and cutting boards is always recommended.
  • If any problems arise in your counter-tops, Bella Stone provides service calls free of charge to all previous customers within one year. If you would like to schedule a service call, please call our office at 502-363-6801.


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If you would like more in depth information regarding installation and maintenance, please view the pdf’s listed below:

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