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Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo is an organic material that combines epoxy resin, marble, glass, mirror and pearl aggregates, it is then ground, smoothed and polished to perfection for a unique and one-of-a-kind counter-top that is original to each home. Since terrazzo begins its’ life as a fluid mixture that is troweled in place, it allows the terrazzo installers to apply it in very organic ways, terrazzo can be poured and formed into many shapes (pre-cast) making it ideal for counter-top designs. This allow for designers and clients to choose from many different color options and aggregate choices to create counter-tops that match their dream designs. These counter-tops are fabricated at Bella Stone’s sister company, Rosa Mosaic & Tile. Rosa Mosaic has been fabricating and installing terrazzo floors, tops and precast since the 19th century when early Italian immigrants brought the trade to America and since then the trade has been passed down through the generations from family to family, from the Rosa’s to the Cristofoli’s who have now owned and operated Rosa Mosaic since 1972. Bella Stone and Rosa Mosaic, work hand in hand on these terrazzo counter-tops to provide brilliant results and elegant quality for the clients satisfaction

Napa River Grill Terrazzo Countertop

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