Stone Countertops – Recycle Reuse Restore

Those not in the stone industry often believe that sealer is what gives stone its sheen. While sealer does color enhance, stone polishing and restoration takes much more effort than simply sealing.

Various types of stone require different polishing techniques. Porous marble countertops usually require an 800 grit polish, and acids can be added to soften the surface and polish it even higher. Granite, a much harder stone, can require up to 3,000 grit for a high polished look. Terrazzo is another material that is easily restored like stone to either a honed or high polish finish.

Stone can become discolored over time due to etching, dirt build-up, and staining. However, it can be restored through re-polishing and re-sealing the surface. For more information on how to restore your stone, contact one of our stone experts or give us a call at 502-363-6801.