Seek and Find : Which minerals are in your granite?

Most granite slabs found at distributors include fusions of various minerals. These these minerals are what bring the slabs to life. From labradorite to quartz, minerals bring beauty and unique qualities to your stone finishes.

Let’s take a look at various common mineral inclusions in granite slabs:


Mica gives granite a reflective, sparkling, three-dimensional quality. Mica is often found as flakes, and is included in granites such as Delicattus Cream. Although beautiful, it can cause pitting and flaking in large amounts because of its fragility.



Feldspar can come in varying colors and is always opaque. It extremely durable with a hardness of 6 on the Mohn scale and will not flake like mica. It can be found in granites like Patagonia, Antique Luna, and Blue Pearl.

Natural Quartz

Not to be confused with engineered quartz slabs, natural quartz comes straight from the Earth. It can be found in almost any color and is translucent and similar in look to glass. At a 7 on the Mohs scale, it is one of the most durable countertop materials available. Quartz can be found as inclusions in granite and quartzite slabs.

No one slab of stone is the same because the minerals and inclusions make your slab completely unique. Learn which stone is right for your project by viewing the Choosing Your Stone page on our website, and contact us to schedule a showroom visit.