Your Guide to Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo has been making a come back in a big way – from classic terrazzo to prints, it can be found in stores across America. Countertops are another perfect application for terrazzo, and bring an entirely custom look to your home.

What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a combination of aggregate and a matrix that is mixed together, poured, and left to cure. Aggregate can consist of marble, glass, mirror, mother of pearl, porcelain, metal, and even plastic. The matrix consists primarily of either epoxy or cement. When the mixture is poured into a form, it cures and is then ground, polished, and sealed to create a slab that can be manufactured into countertops.

What are the different types of terrazzo countertops?

We carry terrazzo countertops in both standard and Venetian aggregate. Venetian aggregate is larger than standard, as seen in the comparison photos below. Both types of terrazzo make beautiful entirely custom countertops that are your very own design.

Why use terrazzo?

Terrazzo is entirely custom, durable, and easy to maintain. Similar to granite, terrazzo does need to be wiped down if there is a spill and sealed yearly. Terrazzo is also incredibly durable, rivaling both granite and engineered quartz. Terrazzo’s ability to be customized elevates it to a truly unique product – from marble to glass to plastic, terrazzo provides design versatility that natural stone and engineered quartz slabs cannot.

How do I choose my terrazzo countertops?

Give us a call to schedule a viewing at our showroom! You can choose from one of our many terrazzo samples, or create a design uniquely your own. Your options are virtually infinite with terrazzo, and our experts are here to assist.