Terrazzo, Granite, Engineered Quartz, Marble – What’s the Difference?

Choosing a material for your countertops can be daunting, so let the experts assist! There are many differences and similarities between natural and manufactured stone countertop materials – follow this guide to choose what’s best for your project.


Granite is one of the most versatile stone options on the market. With hundreds of variations in color and pattern, there is always a choice to fit your design. Granite is one of the most durable stones available. It has low porosity, is difficult to stain, and heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is so hard that we recommend using a cutting board when slicing any foods because granite can dull your knives! Granite can be used outside because of its durability.
gray and brown speckled granite








Marble comes in a variety of classic looks, from white with gray veining to beautiful greens, reds, and browns. Marble is softer than granite and is porous, thus requiring more care. We recommend sealing marble more often depending on use since it is prone to staining and etching. However, if proper care is taken, marble will provide a beautiful finish that lasts a lifetime.







Engineered Quartz (EQ)

EQ is manufactured from crushed rock and epoxy resin, and is formed into slabs. Because it consists of epoxy, it is non-porous and almost impervious to staining. EQ is made to mimic natural stone, but is much more uniform in appearance. Each slab looks almost exactly the same, making it easy to match slabs when choosing multiple for a project. Because EQ consists partially of resin, we recommend using a trivet for hot pans rather than setting them down on the surface of the countertop, which could cause the resin in the top to burn. EQ doesn’t need to be sealed, and spills are easily wiped clean with a neutral cleanser and cloth.
Calacatta Venice Close-up








Terrazzo is similar to EQ in that it is manufactured and consists of stone and epoxy resin. Terrazzo is made from crushed marble that is mixed with epoxy and formed into slabs. Terrazzo is highly customizable, with hundreds of aggregates and thousands of epoxy colors to choose from. In fact, we can match the epoxy in any paint or pantone color, providing you with an entirely unique piece. Terrazzo behaves much like EQ in terms of staining and durability, but does require sealing due to its marble content.
white with gray marble terrazzo



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