Terrazzo, Granite, Engineered Quartz, Marble – What’s the Difference?

Choosing a material for your countertops can be daunting, so let the experts assist! There are many differences and similarities between natural and manufactured stone countertop materials – follow this guide to choose what’s best for your project. Granite Granite is one of the most versatile stone options on the market. With hundreds of variations … Continued

Your Guide to Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo has been making a come back in a big way – from classic terrazzo to prints, it can be found in stores across America. Countertops are another perfect application for terrazzo, and bring an entirely custom look to your home. What is terrazzo? Terrazzo is a combination of aggregate and a matrix that is … Continued

Stone Finishes – Adding texture to your stone

Stone can come in a variety of finishes. From polishing to leathered to honed, the finish can completely change the look of the stone. Read this article by Use Natural Stone to find out more about available finishes! Designing with Textured Surfaces Using Natural Stone

Coronavirus and Your Stone Countertops

Businesses are opening back up, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still take safety precautions. Read this post from a stone trade expert to find out how to properly care for your stone countertops while staying safe from COVID-19: Coronavirus and Your Stone Countertops

Keeping Stone Clean: Care and Maintenance Tips

We cook, we spill, we get our countertops dirty. Stone countertops require minimal maintenance, but aren’t maintenance free. Keeping them clean the proper way will ensure both you and your stone live a germ-free life! Here are some stone care best practices: Wipe spills immediately – the longer they sit, the tougher the stain will … Continued

COVID-19 Notice

As the impact from the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues around the world, we appreciate the efforts everyone is making to remain calm and to support each other through this situation. Our offices remain open, and we would like to share information, guidance and policies that we can all use to protect each other at our facilities. … Continued

Engineered Quartz and Quartzite : What’s the difference?

Engineered quartz and natural quartzite are both excellent and popular choices for countertops. Although their names sound similar, they are extremely different products. Engineered Quartz Engineered quartz is a man-made product consisting of crushed up stone and epoxy resin. Because it is man-made, the slabs are typically uniform in size, color, and pattern. The slabs … Continued

Marble vs. Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz (EQ) products have come a long way in the past ten years. Once monotonous and consisting of plain, solid colors, EQ has progressed into the more natural and classic looks we now have available in 2020. The most popular EQ’s for 2020 maintain the classic aesthetic of marble while providing a durable surface … Continued

The Facts on Stone: ASTM Standards

When selecting a product, nothing is more important than access to evidence-based data. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) provides consumers with accurate knowledge of various products to enable them to make the best purchasing decisions. Natural stone and engineered quartz are among the products routinely tested. ASTM testing data is critical when … Continued

Stone Countertops – Recycle Reuse Restore

Those not in the stone industry often believe that sealer is what gives stone its sheen. While sealer does color enhance, stone polishing and restoration takes much more effort than simply sealing. Various types of stone require different polishing techniques. Porous marble countertops usually require an 800 grit polish, and acids can be added to … Continued