Does Engineered Quartz Stain?

Many people believe that quartz is maintenance free, but this isn’t necessarily true. Quartz is stain proof, but not completely stain free. Several substances can stain quartz, including hot sauce, turmeric, food coloring, and permanent marker. How do we get rid of these pesky stains? Most stains can be removed with warm water, mild soap, … Continued

Seek and Find : Which minerals are in your granite?

Most granite slabs found at distributors include fusions of various minerals. These these minerals are what bring the slabs to life. From labradorite to quartz, minerals bring beauty and unique qualities to your stone finishes. Let’s take a look at various common mineral inclusions in granite slabs: Mica Mica gives granite a reflective, sparkling, three-dimensional … Continued

Engineered Quartz vs. Solid Surface : A Comparison

It’s 1967 and the countertop material of the future has arrived! It’s durable, it’s heat resistant, it’s shiny, and best of all it’s customizable. This material is solid surface. Tired of plastic laminate burning and scratching at every touch, Americans fell in love with the composite countertop product as soon as it the market. Solid … Continued