Because of granite’s low porosity, it generally will not stain. However, some types are more porous than others and may show moisture if exposed to water for a long period of time. These granites may also stain if a stain causing material, such as oil or red wine, are not cleaned up immediately. Bella Stone will seal your granite countertops at installation, which will help protect against staining and moisture. You can also view our Care and Maintenance page for more information.
Marble is a porous stone and can stain if stain causing materials are left on the surface for too long. To prevent staining, we recommend cleaning up spills immediately. Bella Stone will seal your marble countertops at installation to protect against staining and moisture. Please view our Care and Maintenance page for more information.
Samples only represent a small portion of a stone slab, and therefore may not look like the full slab. Inclusions and variations in your natural stone are what make it unique. We recommend choosing your slabs at our warehouse to ensure that what you choose is exactly what you want for your project. Please see our inventory to view photos of both sample pieces and full slabs.
Yes, we offer a full line of both stainless steel and porcelain sinks. Please view our Sinks page for more information.
Please contact Dennis Arnold to request an estimate. We request that you send basic dimensions so we can give you the most accurate estimate possible.
Yes, we will template with existing countertops in place so your kitchen is not left in disarray for an extended period of time. If you choose, we will include removal of existing countertops in your estimate.
Our installers are not certified to install appliances or plumbing. Please have a plumber disconnect sinks and faucets before countertop installation.
Bella Stone Designs will warranty your countertop for any fabrication or installation defect during the first year after initial installation, except for damage due to chemical or physical misuse.

Bella Stone Designs’ liability is limited to the repair or replacement of the damaged stone piece(s) only, subject to the availability of matching stone. If the original stone, or a sufficient match is no longer available, and if we determine that a satisfactory repair to the preexisting stone cannot be made, liability is limited to the cash value of the installed piece(s) based on current square foot market price.

This warranty does not include natural characteristics of the stone, such as color variation, fissures, veining, water lines, natural surface marks, or aging. Nor does it cover damage caused by items outside of our control, such as settlement, fire, or acts of nature.

Warranty is valid for countertops cared for in accordance with the accompanying care and maintenance guidelines.