Why choose granite?

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In the days where ads have taken over our lives, we sometimes feel the weight of information overload. When it comes to remodeling your home, researching hundreds of design options can have the same effect. What stone should you choose for your countertops? Should you put up the glass mosaic tile backsplash, or have simple matching stone backsplashes instead? What about your sink? Remodeling is full of decision-making, and sometimes the internet has inaccurate information. At Bella Stone, our goal is to provide unbiased information on our products to help our customers make the most informed decisions for their projects.

Our website is full of empirical, test-based data on various types of stone and engineered quartz. To find out what makes stone a good choice for your project, see this attached Material Fact Sheet for research-based information on granite, and give us a call to get your project started!

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